Sunday, October 30, 2011

What a treat...

I keep wondering why the editors of Where Women Create
magazine haven't called... I avoided the chaos in the
officially designated sewing area by relocating to the kitchen.

I surprised myself and amazed the family by finishing the Halloween angel outfit (okay, except for the halo) in one marathon sewing session on Friday. There was one small tantrum (mine, how did you guess?), but once I realized that the sewing machine simply wanted me to use a needle appropriate to the fabric, all went smoothly.

This allowed me to attend the newly expanded Fiber in the Boro festival on Saturday without any trace of guilt (until I added up the receipts). Mariposa -- my faithful camera-girl, fiber enabler, and bag carrier -- provided this photo of fiber festival philosophy:

Keep your fingers crossed about the halo -- my vision includes a plastic hairband, jewelry wire, and sparkly silver cording.  Photographic evidence of our successful angel costume making to come Monday night, or whenever the Halloween candy haze wears off.


  1. OH GOOD!!! Glad you got the costume almost all done! I can't wait to see it.
    I TOTALLY agree with the sign....if ya see it, and ya like it, buy it!!!

  2. Congratulations!! Oh, I agree...there's nothing worse than getting home and pining for the 'fiber that got away'!! :)

  3. LOL You sound like me! I always do that. I used to sew quite a lot and now when I do a sewing project I procrastinate. Of course I'm doing that on blocking my things as well.

  4. Glad you got it finished in time! Can't wait to see it.


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