Sunday, November 13, 2011

Irony of the day

I've been enjoying the little ironies lately... like when my daughter's teacher sent home a newsletter with a typo in the paragraph about how the spelling tests work this year.

Today's came in my e-mail box, courtesy of Interweave -- a company I like very much for books and magazines, despite their desire to send me not just e-mail every day, but summary e-mails on the weekend to review what they have sent me during the week.

How's this for a subject line: "<Fname><Lname>: It's all about you!"

Well, what could be more personal than that? I was intrigued. It turns out to be a survey about my experiences using their website:

It's good to know that they are tailoring my shopping experience to my very individual needs... or at least the very individual needs of <Fname> <Lname>.

I feel a little guilty about making fun of this, the intentions are good and the mistake is too easy to make -- and I've made it myself back when I did marketing work. But forgetting to personalize it on a message that promises, "It's all about you!" is just too funny to ignore.


  1. That is funny. I always feel a little embarrassed when my "code is showing."

  2. Love that and the spelling mistake, LOL!

  3. Yes, I got this email this morning too. I didn't really mean to, but I deleted it before I knew I was doing it. I must have been turned off subconsciously by the irony of it!

  4. that is funny. Typos and odd things like that jump out at me and I have a difficult time focusing on the content after that.

  5. Very ironic. :)

    I'm with you on all the Interweave email - stop the email madness!

  6. Love it! Now I need to see if I received a "personalized" email, too.

  7. lol @ spelling typo....I just finished my last school report today.....I can laugh at typos now!


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