Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Road knitting

Had I known what motherhood would make of me, I would have majored in Transportation and Logistics in college.

The Wedge scarf is done, with the majority of knitting done in the car, starting on the big road trip back in April and picked back up this month for waiting in school pick-up lines, etc.:

Wedge, designed by Norah Gaughan.
Free pattern from
Yarn: Teksrena 4-ply (fingering weight) from Lithuania

I also refreshed my memory on what I was doing with the "Entwined" Shoulder Shawl though it is not as easy to cart around with me. After taking this picture, I started the interesting part with the knitted "fingers" that get woven together to form the shawl closure.

"Entwined" Shoulder Shawl, designed by O/C Knitiot Designs - Deby Lake. ($5)
Yarn: Berroco Lustra (50% tencel, 50% merino)

Don't be alarmed, but I actually swatched this week. With shawls and scarves, I generally don't bother swatching, but for a baby sweater I thought it might be nice to produce something in the expected size...

Turns out my gauge is even crazier than I thought.
Let's just all hope for the best, shall we?

The Cat's Paw scarf should be finished today -- one daughter has voice and piano lessons, the other daughter has religious education class. I think they may be trying to wear me out so that I'll stop panicking at the notion that Teen Daughter is less than 2 months from being eligible for a driver's training permit.


  1. LOVE the wedge scarf! Neat pattern and it looks great with that yarn.

  2. That scarf is very very cool.

  3. Your Wedge scarf is a great match of color and pattern I love how the rainbow of shades work their way up the wedges. I know just what you mean about the driving. . . my son is a few months away from driving-permit-age. I'm looking forward to sending him to the store, but I'm still nervous!

  4. Love the scarf and really looking forward to seeing that scarf come together. The project pictures are a little bit mind bending. Good for you for swatching! Ysolda has converted me to an avid swatcher. Well, Ysolda and that stupid vest. :)

  5. The scarf looks ace. Love how the colours look!

  6. these definitely are the years when you are nothing more than a means to a destination. I am now in the years of maybe they will actually stay home for an evening and visit.

  7. I love that wedge scarf! how many skeins did it take to make it?

  8. The wedge scarf is fabulous!!!!!

  9. "I would have majored in Transportation and Logistics in college." I am not a mother, but this cracked me up. :-D

  10. I really like your scarf, the colors are very pretty!

  11. I love that scarf and the colors.

    I rarely ever swatch. I like surprises and living on the edge.

  12. "But you like to drive" is the comment I always get when my nieces want me to cart them around. Auntie's taxi service is what they label my car now. But I think I much prefer driving them around to teaching them to drive.
    Beautiful cool scarf. Perfect matching of yarn and pattern.

  13. Lovely scarf. Now that my teen daughter has been driving for 2 years, I'm finally adjusting to her being on the road by herself. I really do like the new iPhone Find my Friends app, though.

  14. Love the wedge scarf, looks great in those colors!

  15. Love the wedge scraf, it looks great. And the construction of that sawl is really interesting, I've never seen it before. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make of it/how hard it is.

    And when i was a new knitter, I made a hat for a newborn that fit me... It's easy to do!


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